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Romanian Parliament New Entry ”try-out” by Fratelli D’Italia by 2024

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Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the right-wing, national-conservative political party in Italy known as Fratelli d’Italia. Previously,  in 2020, she was also elected president of the European Conservatives and Reformists Party (ECRP), formerly known as the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (AECR/ACRE). She is anticipated to become Italy’s first female prime minister after her party wins the most votes in the general election in Italy in 2022.

Fratelli d’Italia: History

The crucial underlying elements of the rise of the Fratelli d’Italia (FDL) Party don’t end at this point. The People of Freedom Party (PDL), led by Silvio Berlusconi, was created in 1995 by the hardline National Alliance, from which Giorgia Meloni and the other party leaders emerged. The FDL party, which is currently one of the most right-wing-led since 1945 and symbolized by a tricolour flame, was created due to a right-wing split within the PDL party.

Source: Fratelli d’Italia official website

Fratelli d’Italia in Romania: Starting conversations with the parties in the Romanian Parliament

In terms of right-wing politics, FDL is not only gaining support in Italy but is also beginning to spread to other European countries. Pasquale Elicona took his duty seriously and hopes to be elected to the Romanian Parliament in 2024 as president of the FDL affiliate in the Romanian Government, as reported by . AUR, the Romanian nationalists, who are now exceeding 25% popularity and voting intention in Romania, is one of the Romanian Parties considered for potential assistance or cooperation.

Underlying scope of FDL

Elicona is a successful businessman and the director of numerous recruitment firms that send Italian workers to Romania outside of his political obligations and ties. By gathering votes from the Italians scattered around the nation and intending to support and give a voice to the minorities and especially the Italian community, his objective is to increase the party’s participation in all county and municipal elections in Romania.


With many subconscious nationalist trends in the current parties, the Romanian parliament is rather hospitable to right-wing politics. Eduard Hellvig, the head of Romania’s secret services, has made several announcements about various references to such right-leaning mentalities:

”The demand for nationalism in Romania is great”

President of the Romanian Secret Services

FDL from a wider European perspective

Right-wing politics are present and steadily gaining appeal outside of Romania. There are nations like France, Hungary, and Sweden where right-wing parties are founded and have already begun negotiations with the EU, regardless of the sort of nationalism.

FDL vs EU sentiments

The European Union is entering a condition of preparedness and restlessness due to these political occurrences and shifts because it is unclear what political philosophies the nationalist parties would follow. This is because prior events demonstrated that right-wing and nationalist political parties, like Meloni’s FDL, frequently oppose EU legislation and raise objections to its rules and regulations.

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has not yet publicly commented on the current developments. She just added:

”If the relationship deteriorated, the EU had resources to handle crises of this nature”

Ursula von der Leyen

This can only imply that Italy will be subject to the same sanctions as the other nations who have previously contested the EU. The political landscape is evolving globally, and the EU is ready to handle any eventuality.

Will Italy leave the European Union? No one can predict which country will remain in the EU because the national political landscape is shifting, and Euro-skeptics are gaining power.

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