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Romanian Prosecutors Bring Back Prehistoric Stolen Gold Bracelets

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Three prehistoric gold bracelets stolen from archaeological sites in Romania were brought to the country from Belgium on Tuesday, February 20, Visit Bucharest reports.

Two of them were identified when offered for sale at a public auction in the Principality of Monaco. The third bracelet was identified during the home search of the residence in Belgium of the person who submitted the two bracelets to the auction house in Monte Carlo with a view to public sale.

To make it possible to return the bracelets to Romania, it was necessary for the Flemish Regional Ministry – the Department of Culture to initiate a declassification procedure (the bracelets being protected by Flemish law as precious artifacts, being entered on a list of heritage assets)

The phenomenon of prehistoric and Dacian bracelets of the prehistoric and ancient civilizations once living in Romanian territory is already famous. High-value objects are found abroad and brought to the country.

Dacian gold, famous since the time of the Roman Empire, continues to generate international attention, and the artifacts stolen from the Romanian archeological sites will continue, hopefully, to be brought to the country as soon as possible.

History Museum of Romania - gold bracelet

When writing this article, the bracelets are not on display inside the National History Museum, but its administration will undoubtedly do so when possible. Until then, you can admire in the permanent exhibitions other objects with immense historical value for what the cultural heritage of the Romanian people means.

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