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Romanian Adrian Stoica Wins America Got Talent 2023

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Romanian Adrian Stoica wins America Got Talent – AGT 2023. He also won USD 1 million in prizes, Valahia News reports.

Adrian Stoica performed the same act he did in Romania Got Talent. He came with his border collie named Hurricane, and the dog did most of the magic. The show is incredible, and for those of you who haven’t seen it already, here’s the whole act.

Adrian Stoica and Hurricane in the AGT 2023 Finals

Adrian Stoica even involved Sofia Vergara, one of the judges, in the act, as he invited her on stage, which impressed her. The other judges were also impressed, congratulating Andrei for his dog act.

We see many people come up and show us a dog act but rarely see a dog come up and show us a man act.

Howie Mandel, AGT 2023 judge

Also, Heidi Klum praised Hurricane.

Hurricane is the smartest dog I’ve ever seen, the whole thing was adorable. Thank you so much, you were so amazing this season!

Heidi Klum, AGT 2023 judge

And Simon talked business when he mentioned that Hurricane is better than any other dogs in the movies and that she should be in the movies.

It was like the dog was acting and performing. We watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua last night and Hurricane is better than any of the dogs in that movie, so she should be in the movie or a musical because she’s a star.

Simon Cowell, AGT 2023 judge

Here is the moment when the host announced the winner:

AGT 2023 Finals – Winner Announcement

The winner of the AGT 2023 was somehow unexpected to some and came as a surprise, but all agreed that the dog acted and performed like an actor, not a trained dog.

Adrian Stoica performed in Romania Got Talent one year ago but didn’t impress the audience or make it to the finals.

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