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Problems at the SAGA Festival in Bucharest: Nicki Minaj, Hardwell Cancelled Performances

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This year’s edition of the SAGA Festival in Bucharest was disappointing, mainly due to organizational problems. The Festival started three hours later than the announced time, as it wasn’t ready. After the beginning of the festival, there were problems with the access wristbands, as they showed all participants were under 18, which meant they couldn’t buy beverages. Apart from that, small problems such as the lack of handsoap at the toilets were mentioned on social media.

Yet the most significant problems and the most visible were the decisions of the Festival stars, Nicki Minaj and Hardwell to cancel their performance. While Nicki didn’t even bother to come to Bucharest, Hardwell made it a show from his decision and cancelled his performance while on stage.

Nicki Minaj’s Cancellation

Nicki Minaj cancelled her performance at the SAGA Festival in Bucharest, citing security concerns due to alleged protests in the area. This decision came as a significant disappointment to her Romanian fans, especially as no actual protests were reported near the festival venue. Minaj’s announcement on her social media explained that her security team advised against travelling to the festival for safety reasons.

Hardwell’s Scandal

Hardwell abruptly cancelled his show while on stage, accusing the festival organizers of providing poor-quality sound equipment. His unexpected exit was due to dissatisfaction with the equipment and payment issues. This incident added to the festival’s controversies, disappointing many attendees who had anticipated his performance.

Impact and Reactions for SAGA Festival

Both incidents have negatively impacted the festival’s reputation. Fans expressed their frustration and disappointment on social media, calling for better management and transparency from the organizers. Cancelling high-profile performances has raised concerns about the festival’s planning and execution, highlighting the need for improved logistical arrangements to avoid such issues.

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