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Romania Includes Artificial Intelligence as Discipline in University Degree Programs

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The Romanian Government approved several new specializations and university degree programs, including Cybernetic Security and Artificial Intelligence.

Romanian companies started developing lots of software programs which integrate AI.

On the other hand, there is also the concern about how AI will interfere with our lives in terms of developing artificial intelligence responsibly. Initiatives, such as AI4RO, aim at regulating this field, which could bring chaos if not properly handled. From this perspective, teaching students what responsibility means in cybersecurity and AI development is an excellent opportunity.

Several undergraduate specializations/programs are being established, such as Cyber Security – within the Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies undergraduate field, Artificial Intelligence within the Informatics undergraduate field.

The Government’s decision will attract thousands of students to these new specialties. Also, Romanian companies can hire specialized employees and develop their internal teams to deal with cybersecurity and AI development.

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