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Romania Celebrated a Centenary of History Since the Coronation of King Ferdinand and Queen Mary.

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The event was held last Saturday, October 15th, in Alba Iulia. This brought a lot of passion to the celebration by commemorating the time and location of the inauguration 100 years earlier. The unification and emancipation of the Romanian Nation under the rule and coronation of the King and the Queen are signified on the date of 15th of October 1922.

History of the Great Union symbolized by:

After the First World War ended in 1918, the nation benefited from the Great Union of Romania. The coronation solidified the nation’s unity and the prospect of a prosperous future with plenty of resources. This was mainly brought on by the post-belic environment, during which the nation experienced serious social issues.

Major beneficial developments also began to occur, including the population’s doubling, the country’s top ranking for raw materials like wood and gasoline, and the encouragement of the industrial revolution, which led to the growth of regional and family-owned businesses.

Significant changes weren’t limited to Romania, as anticipated. Every other state was dealing with new difficulties and figuring out how to handle them while thriving. This resulted in the infamous „Paris peace treaty” meeting, which served as the ideal pre-coronation event because it helped the inauguration gain recognition and appeal on a global scale. On December 1st, 1918, a national holiday honouring the Great Union was established in this manner.

How come Alba Iulia?

The location was picked for two main symbolic reasons. The Turza Plain, the most well-known battleground, where some of the fiercest battles were fought and some of the bravest kings lost their lives, was an hour away.

The Cathedral of the Great Union, a remarkable cathedral, was also constructed as part of the preparations for the coronation. For all the elaborate planning and significance, the cathedral was actually relatively small and took months to complete. Even so, it developed into a global endeavour, including well-known and reputable engineers, painters, builders, and many others in the conception and execution of both the Cathedral and the coronation.

Saturday’s centennial celebration:

There has been a „bath” of people celebrating the historic day at the 100-year event as tells us.. The Prince Consort, Princess Sofia, the Patriarch, and the Custodian of the Crown reportedly were present to watch the military parade on the renowned Mihai Viteazul pedestrian avenue. Along with the Mihai Viteazul Guard Brigade and the Alba Iulia military students, soldiers marched wearing the dress and insignia of the Romanian Royal Army from 1920.

Following the march, the Patriarch, the President of the Alba County Council, and the Custodian of the Crown unveiled the magnificent marble monument of Queen Mary in the impressive city plaza of the Citadel. This was a very emotional time for Romanians because they had adored and admired the queen throughout generations. 

The Royal Train completed a symbolic celebratory tour between Cluj-Napoca and Alba Iulia simultaneously with all of the festivities, referring to the moment the Queen and the King arrived at the royal train station on the day of the coronation 100 years ago.

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