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Romanian Company PRIME Batteries Completes 5th Largest Energy Storage Capacity in EU

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The largest electrical energy storage capacity in batteries in Romania and the 5th in the EU, part of the first hybrid photovoltaic-wind-battery project, installed within an operational wind farm of 50 MW, has just been inaugurated with the significant contribution of PRIME Batteries.

The storage unit has an installed power of 24 MWh – (6MWx4h), is built by Monsson through a unique, patent-pending project, and uses batteries produced by Prime Batteries, Valahia News reports.

The transition to renewable energy must be achieved sustainably. Intermittentness was a problem that needed to be addressed and resolved, as far as possible, at the source generating it. Here, Prime Batteries has assumed the role of solution provider since 2016. We are identified as a battery manufacturer in the market, but our main business is the supply of lithium-ion battery storage solutions. We found a synergy with Monsson because their experience in the renewable energy industry led to projects like the one in Mireasa Park.

Vicentiu Ciobanu, PRIME’s CEO

This first stage is only one of the three stages that will constitute 216 MWh, and storage capacity will be put into operation this year in the same place. The concept is modular and suitable for high-capacity storage solutions, and it uses the latest monitoring and safety technologies for this type of product. The Monsson team created the monitoring and control software usable for storage systems and energy trading. The Monsson solution uses domestic batteries produced by the Romanian company Prime Batteries Technology. The storage unit will be charged with energy produced by the existing 50 MW Wind Farm in operation, with photovoltaic energy produced by the 35 MW Galbiori 2 Photovoltaic Park under construction which will be connected to the grid in 2024, as well as from the national grid, when there is no wind or sun. The control of the hybrid project is fully automatic, remotely, without local operational staff and will work in an integrated system through the proprietary software developed by Monsson.

The investment is made from its sources and was initiated to reduce the volatility of renewable energy production from its portfolio and as an aid to balancing SEN. Thus, the storage unit will ultimately help increase the penetration of renewable energies in Romania and reduce energy costs for end consumers by testing battery functionality to demonstrate the immediate benefits of storage facilities attached to renewable energy production sources. We want to promote such solutions both in Romania and everywhere in Europe,

Sebastian Enache, a member of the Monsson board.

In a landmark move that underscores Romania’s commitment to renewable energy and technological innovation, the inauguration of the largest electrical energy storage capacity in batteries marks a significant milestone. The project, a collaborative endeavour between PRIME Batteries and Monsson, showcases the formidable synergy between experienced renewable energy players and heralds a new era of energy storage solutions in Romania. With an installed capacity of 24 MWh, this initiative is pivotal in addressing the intermittency challenges inherent in renewable energy sources, thereby enhancing the reliability and sustainability of green energy across the nation.

This inaugural phase, the first of three aiming to achieve a total storage capacity of 216 MWh, represents a forward-thinking approach to energy management and a strategic investment in the future of renewable energy in Romania and potentially across Europe. The project’s innovative use of lithium-ion battery storage solutions and cutting-edge monitoring and safety technologies sets a new standard in the industry. It demonstrates a significant leap toward reducing renewable energy production volatility and increasing energy accessibility and affordability for end consumers.

As PRIME Batteries and Monsson expand their footprint in the renewable energy sector, their efforts could increase renewable energy penetration in Romania as a model for Europe and beyond.

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