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Romania’s Ruling Coalition Forms Alliance, Sparking Debate on Democracy

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Romania’s ruling coalition, the Social Democrats (PSD) and Liberals (PNL), have joined forces for the upcoming European Parliament (EP) elections, raising both hopes and concerns. The move, ostensibly aimed at bolstering stability and blocking nationalist gains, has drawn criticism from opposition parties and ignited debate on potential democratic implications.

Targeting Nationalism, Boosting Votes?

The alliance aims to counter the rising popularity of the nationalist Alliance for the Unity of Romanians (AUR), particularly among Romanians abroad. Critics, however, question its effectiveness, pointing to analysts’ predictions of vote losses for both PSD and PNL.

Collated Elections: Convenience or Complexity?

Adding another layer of complexity, the coalition proposes combining the EP elections with local polls in June. This decision, justified by a pre-announcement opinion poll, awaits approval from national and European watchdogs and could create a convoluted voting process.

Yet, critics say it is not about the funds to organize the elections but the voting math. Both parties hope to get more votes in an alliance than when they have separate candidates.

Democratization Concerns and Potential Outcomes

Opposition parties denounced the alliance as an undemocratic power grab, fearing a consolidation of ruling party control. Predictions suggest both PSD and PNL might lose ground, potentially benefiting AUR or opposition groups like USR and the Reformists.

Uncertain Future

With mixed motives and potential risks, the alliance injects uncertainty into Romania’s political landscape. Whether it strengthens stability, hinders democratic processes, or reshapes the political map remains to be seen.

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