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Romanian Defence Minister: Romania Can Shelter 500,000 Ukrainian Refugees

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Romania can shelter more than 500,000 Ukrainian refugees if Russia invades the country. Minister of Defense in Romania, Vasile Dincu, mentioned that several areas around the border are arranged to shelter refugees.

According to Vasile Dincu, Romania is not expecting a massive influx of Ukrainian refugees. In 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea, many Ukrainians took refuge in Poland, not Romania, but ”one never knows.”

”There are several estimates, but we could receive over 500,000 refugees, this is the number for which we have prepared together with the Ministry of the Interior and other subordinate institutions. […] There are several places. There is a plan for all major cities, there are areas for this along the border.”

Vasile Dincu, Defence Minister of Romania

In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Romanian citizens not to travel to this country and those temporarily in Ukraine to leave the territory of this state immediately. Even though the defense minister highlighted that Romania is prepared to extract its citizens from Ukraine, no such requests have been made so far.

Vasile Dincu urged the Romanian population to remain calm, for, according to his saying, there will be no war in Romania, even if Russia invades Ukraine.

I think the population can rest easy. Of course, in the context of a conflict in Ukraine, the whole area is affected. That doesn’t mean there will be a war on our territory.

Vasile Dincu, Defence Minister of Romania

Romania has already organized six refugee centers in Bucharest and counties nationwide, and it is prepared to accept any requests from Ukraine if the case.

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