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Prince Charles’ Guesthouse in Romania Opens to Public

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Tourists in Romania can see Prince Charles’ medieval Saxon home in the village of Viscri in Brașov county. Two unique exhibitions on the preservation of spontaneous flora and constructed history are held on the property, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, according to ValahiaNews.

As tourists visiting Viscri have always been very keen to see and learn as much as possible about the connection that HRH The Prince of Wales has with the village, the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation decided in 2021 to transform the house in Viscri into an open house that speaks about his passion for traditional architecture, sustainable agriculture, the protection of biodiversity and our valuable cultural heritage – in other words, about the love of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales for Romania.

Mihai Grigore, administrator of the Prince of Wales House in Whisper

The house at Viscri 163 was bought in 2006 in response to the Prince of Wales’ visits to the region. It served as a guesthouse until 2021, serving as an example of good practices in converting a basic country house into a location where visitors can appreciate the beauty of traditional architecture, taste local products, and enjoy nature.

The Transylvania Florilegium, a permanent exhibit that showcases the first books of this calibre written about the plants of this area and is currently housed in the house at 163 Viscri’s converted courtyard, was commissioned by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, a fervent advocate for the preservation of this priceless environment.

Some of the top modern botanical artists in the world visited Transylvania for five years while researching the flora around HRH Prince of Wales’ lands in Viscri and Valea Zălanului, where the paintings of the floristry were created.

Each of the 124 botanical drawings in Transylvanian floristry comes with a scientific description that will help readers understand the variety and beauty of the Transylvanian flora and motivate them to help protect it. The illustrations are organized into two volumes.

Tourists can explore a straightforward, traditional Saxon home at the House of the Prince of Wales in Viscri and sample regional fare in the cafe.

Visitors can learn about the summer schools organized by the Prince of Wales Foundation in Romania, in collaboration with the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), while strolling through the grounds, as well as about a gardening program set up for young people in the hamlet.

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