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Romanians Remain The Biggest Bread Consumers

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The bread remains Romanians’ most consumed bakery product in 2022.

Compared to more than half of Romanians who live in rural areas, only a third of urban residents frequently consume the bread. Loafs (42%), sliced or packaged bread (41%), and white bread are the most widely used bakery products (39 percent ). These are also the products for which 84% of Romanians felt the price increase n comparison to the previous year.

According to Reveal Marketing Research, as Romanians in urban areas become increasingly concerned with leading healthy lifestyles, they are more motivated to locate healthier food options with more nutritional value to add to their regular diet.

Black, whole-wheat, or seeded bread daily by 17% of Romanians, with urban residents consuming it at a higher rate (19%) than those living in rural regions (14%).

The study also shows that bread consumption is higher daily in rural areas compared to metropolitan areas. There are significant differences in loaf consumption (rural: 51% vs. urban: 35% ) and white bread consumption ( rural: 49% vs urban 32% ).

Cozonac is the most well-liked bakery item among Romanians. 95% of the population in Romania consumes cozonac at least once a year, making it one of the most common bakery dishes on tables there.

The percentage of Romanians who plan to cook Easter cake at home is 50%, similar to last year, with those who live in rural areas being more inclined to do so (56 percent ).

Cozonac (39%) is one of the top preferences for homemade baked goods, followed by bread (16 percent ).

The pandemic-induced reduction in the „home cooking” trend and the loosening of regulations are both responsible for the decrease in the preparation of home-baked items from the previous year.

Compared to the Reveal Marketing Research study conducted last year, Romanians prefer to prepare bread goods at home to a far smaller extent, with the percentage of those who say they prefer to buy them jumping by 9%, from 48 percent (2021) to 57 percent (2022).

Rural residents create more baked goods (38%) than urban dwellers, who generally have lesser incomes and/or greater adherence to tradition (23 percent ).

According to Valahia News, this result is inevitable because bread consumption has a long history in Romania, a nation with a strong wheat-growing history. Being a key component of traditional Romanian cuisine, bread will always be a favourite food among Romanians.

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