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Celebrate Spring The Romanian Way: Martisor Fair Event 2022

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Who wants to celebrate spring in the Romanian style? Mărțișor fair event in Bucharest 2022 will be held at the National Museum of Romanian Peasant. It will welcome creativity lovers for five art and craft days, from February 25 till March 1.

The Mărțișor Fair promotes and recontextualizes the celebration of a custom that in the last century has received a series of transformations, predominantly in the urban space. The fair brings to the public’s attention a rich offer through the uniqueness, creativity, and diversity of the traditional mărțișor and its encouraging artistic ingenuity and craftsmanship.

What is Mărțișor?

Mărțișor is a celebration of spring held on every March 1 in Romania. It represents a small object with a red and white cord, and it is usually gifted to a particular person as a lucky charm or a symbol of nature revival. Women and girls are receiving mărțișor in Romania and carry them during March as a sign of spring arrival.

Mărțișor fair event

Mărțișor fair event is a way to celebrate spring in Romanian Style for the tourist who yearns for knowing more about Romanian culture and its beautiful traditions.

At this event, the participants can make their unique mărțișor from the manufactured and recycled object that uses natural materials. Also, The National Museum of Romanian Peasant, where the fair is located, can be visited.

”Mărțișor fair is one of the most anticipated events of spring in Bucharest. It is indeed a creative way to celebrate spring in the Romanian style. Foreign tourists are very intrigued by our traditions, including Mărțișor, and they are delighted to create their own souvenir here in Romania. So, Mărțișor fair is a unique attraction for many.”

Adriana G. editor at VisitBucharest.Today

Help a humanitarian cause and enjoy homemade sweets

Every year, at the Mărțișor Fair, schools, foundations, associations, organizations are present to carry out humanitarian actions for children and support disadvantaged groups. The participants at the event can donate to a humanitarian cause. While they do a good deed, they can reward themselves with the best homemade dishes, gingerbread, cakes, jams, pickles, dehydrated fruits, and herbal teas available there.

Event tickets

The approximative Euro price of the entrance ticket to the fair: adults -EUR 2; retirees-EUR 1; pupils and students, holders of the Euro 26 card, up to 30 years old, adults with medium or mild disabilities –EUR 1.

Tickets can also be purchased online from the website: https://booktes.com/bilet/targul-martisorului-la-muzeul-national-al-taranului-roman.

If you need more details about the event, check the visitbucharest.today platform for more information.

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