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Anadolu Medical Center – One of the Best Breast Cancer Hospitals

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Breast cancer growth has turned into a treatable and, surprisingly, a reparable sickness, as long as it is identified on schedule. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a yearly mission to build attention to the infection.

Suggested early breast cancer growth systems include illuminating the populace regarding the principal signs and indications and carrying out screening tests by clinical assessment.

Breast cancer growth is the most widely recognized disease among ladies in Romania.

Tragically, in Romania, 80% of bosom malignant growths are analyzed in the high-level stage (progressed bosom disease), a phase where treatment can not bring mending but draw out endurance. Just in a limit of 20% of instances of bosom disease, all the more definitively, early bosom malignant growth treatment can accomplish the fix.

Anadolu Medical Center is an emergency clinic multi-worked in the finding and therapy of bosom disease and preventive medication, with the assistance of top-notch advances in the treatment of malignant growth.

At present, Anadolu Medical Center invites patients from the north of 31 nations worldwide. Anadolu Medical Center treats patients in a complex and modern way, providing medical services at an international standard to improve the quality of life.

Revolutionary oncological treatments at Anadolu Medical Center

”Any patient with a breast injury will find at the Anadolu Medical Center the full range of medical services involved in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. In this way, the patient will have quick access to the most modern means of diagnosis, as well as to complex treatments, which are recommended by the international medical community and put into practice by specialists from Anadolu Medical Center.

We’ve been battling breast cancer for fifteen years. We understand that a diagnosis of cancer is difficult in itself, especially the trip to a foreign country for treatment. We are here: native speakers of the Romanian language, with an understanding of Romanian culture and customs, ready to help our compatriots 24/7.”

Dr. Metin Çakmakçı, Oncology Surgery Specialist, Anadolu Medical Center, Istanbul

Anadolu Medical Center Oncology Center has been laid out as a source of perspective focus to address the issues of malignant growth patients broadly and globally.

The multidisciplinary group at Anadolu Medical Center worked in the therapy of bosom pathology and helped by the most recent innovation in bosom disease medical procedure gives a full scope of symptomatic examinations and vital choices at the best expectations, modified for each case.

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