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Romania to Host The World Esports Championship in 2023

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The World Sports Championships will return to Romania after the country’s capital, Bucharest, hosted the tournament in 2013, with over 130 countries and 1,200 players expected to compete. In the first global Esports competition with national teams, the World Cup puts the top players in the world against each other to determine which nation will take home the title.


What do Gaming and Esport mean, and how profitable is it for Iasi county?

It is a global phenomenon. It already generates substantial profits for hardware companies

Adrian Socaciu from the Romanian Sports Institute

The event in Iasi is the culmination of months of planning and negotiations to host the World Sports Championship final in 2023. Since June 2020, Iasi has been nominated by the International Sports Federation to begin the regulatory procedures for Romania to request quality. Romania is recognized as a significant element in the European Gaming and Sports sector as an official member of the IESF.

Thousands of people are expected to attend the event in Iasi, the host city for the most effervescent World Sports Championship in 2023, so preparations are well underway to commence the most well-known and well-publicized competitive sport.

The city of Iași is experiencing rapid economic growth, as evidenced by a strong core of several sports, cultural, and social programs among young people.

More than a World Gaming and Sports Championship will be held in Iasi. The current tendency is to build a gaming and eSports sector in Iasi that will be made on three pillars: academic programs developed in partnership with Iasi’s „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, the creation of an eSports hub, and the staging of a gaming and sports festival. Iasi will be the European capital of gamers and eSports lovers!

eSports is a competition or sport that requires skill and physical effort to play digital games where athletes compete in a world championship.

Adrian Socaciu from the Romanian Sports Institute

eSports is organized into tournaments and leagues, with many similarities to traditional sports. Participation in competitions requires a demonstration of will, adherence to authority-imposed sports rules, and subordination to laws and regulations where digital athletes worldwide compete for glory.

Gaming and eSports have grown into a multibillion-dollar industry on a national and international scale. Hardware businesses are already profiting handsomely as a result of this. And it’s a dynamic of events for the organizers, attracting thousands of ardent players and millions of fans.

According to data submitted to the tax authorities, Romania’s gaming and eSports industry generated sales of more than 200 million euros in 2020. Romania’s gaming business currently employs around 125 enterprises and 6,000 workers, placing the country among the top ten in the European Union.

How many nations are represented and how many athletes are competing in the World eSports Championship? Do you know what the awards are for the World eSports Championship?

The World Sports Championship will return to Romania after the country’s capital, Bucharest, hosted the sporting event in 2013. Over 130 countries and 1,200 players will participate in the World eSports Championship. The championship prizes will be unveiled at the press conference on March 29, 2022. The Romanian Sports Institute offers the latest European technology statistics, trends and data to excel in this field. The next level is to become one of the European hubs for the production of online and browser games.

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