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First Romanian Whisky Available from September

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The first Romanian single malt whisky, launched internationally, will be sold on the Romanian market this fall.

Mr. Nawaf Salameh, the creator and president of the Alexandrion Group, oversaw the production of Carpathian Single Malt Whiskey, which employs only malted barley from Romania and pure water from the Subcarpathian hills. Carpathian Single Malt contains a 46% alcohol level and is made without cold filtration. Its unique barrel maturation gives it a natural colour.

We have been distilling and aging single malt whiskey since 2017, still honing casks from all over Europe and the US. This is the first chance single malt enthusiasts will have to enjoy a whiskey from the Carpathians.

Nawaf Salameh, founding chairman of Alexandrion Group

According to Valahia News, the first Romanian single malt whiskey was also matured in Romanian wine barrels. Thus, Alexandrion Group joins a select group of manufacturers who age single malt whiskey in wine barrels from their cellars.

Despite Romania having a 2,000-year history of wine production, the use of Romanian wine casks is a „global first” in the manufacturing of single malt. Customers in Romania will be able to purchase Carpathian Single Malt in September through upscale retailers.

Photo source: Carpathian Single Malt website

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