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„Wild Romania” Documentary on HBO Max

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Dan Dinu and Cosmin Dumitrache’s documentary „Wild Romania” will be available on HBO Max starting May 12. The three-part miniseries will also run on HBO in July.

The film „Wild Romania” premiered at TIFF 2021 and won honours for best documentary, best original music, and best sound at the Gopo 2022 Awards.

The miniseries „Wild Romania” is the result of a team’s efforts that spanned thousands of kilometres, hundreds of hours of filming, and ten years of planning.

Video source: TransilvaniaFilmRO youtube channel

The three episodes, narrated in Romanian by Melania Medeleanu and in English by Peter Venn, take you on a thrilling adventure through stunning and difficult-to-reach locations, telling fascinating anecdotes about Romania’s biodiversity.

I watched the movie dizzy with such beauty. And if I usually want my voice to be heard when I speak, this time I wanted it to be more whispered, to add information without distracting from the song of nature. I read with love and emotion and, especially, with gratitude to those who brought the wild beauty of our Romania to the screens.

Melania Medeleanu

The voyage begins with the long-awaited coming of spring, a season of hope, when most creatures are preparing for a new life cycle, in the first episode, „Hope Season,” which premieres on HBO Max on May 12 (48 minutes). the viewer will find the finest kept secrets of Europe’s wildness, from the harsh living in the high Alps to the southern steppes of Romania.

The second episode of „Season of Abundance” – airing May 19 on HBO Max (49 minutes) – continues the story with the arrival of summer, a season of abundance, when young animals begin to appreciate the beauty of life and accept the challenges that nature presents in various regions, from the beautiful Transylvanian mountains to the continent’s largest body of water.

„Season of Change” – May 26 on HBO Max (48 minutes) – the third episode of the miniseries transports us to beautiful vistas of autumn and winter, passing through incredible secular woods and many of the country’s unique landscapes.

The initiative „Wild Romania” has had the backing of environmental NGOs, park and nature reserve administration, and the entire community of photographers and nature enthusiasts from its inception.

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