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No Restrictions in Romania after Two Years of Covid 19 Pandemic

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Romania has officially waived anti-Covid 19  restrictions. From March 9, the mask is no longer compulsory indoors or outdoors, as announced by the Romanian Minister of Health.

According to the Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, the protective mask will no longer be mandatory, neither indoors nor outdoors, economic operators will operate without capacity restrictions. Also, the COVID digital certificate will no longer be required upon entering Romania.

This comes after Romanian authorities announced that the alert state would not be extended, and wave 5 of the Covid-19 pandemic is nearing its end.

no more covid-19 restrictions
The end of Covid-19 restrictions

The fact that the Government has decided to lift the alert state leads to a new situation, in which all restrictions will be lifted. I will also make professional recommendations so that the impact of the measures does not result in an increase in the number of cases.

Alexandru Rafila, Romanian Minister of Health
Corona virus

What does this relaxation entail?

  • The use of the mask in outdoor and indoor spaces will no longer be mandatory
  • There will be no limits on access to various public spaces, such as commercial spaces, catering institutions, public institutions;
  • There will be no more curfews;
  • The PLF – Passenger Location Certificate will no longer be required;
  • Upon entering the country, the electronic COVID certificate will no longer be required;

However, the health minister highlights that the ministry will “strongly” recommend more measures, even if they are no longer mandatory.

Recommended measures:

  • Wearing a protective mask in crowded open spaces, in public transport, in closed spaces, including health facilities, in kindergartens, schools, universities;
  • Avoid crowded spaces whether they are closed or open;
  • Hand washing, use of an antiseptic;
  • Public transport and public interest facilities must be regularly cleaned and disinfected;
  • People who have symptoms – testing, presentation to the doctor, at the evaluation center;
  • The measures are part of the individual responsibility package.

Even if this period of relaxation will lead to an increase, hopefully, temporary of new cases, the Romanian authorities encourage the citizens of Romania to be prudent and individually responsible to not return to the previous state.

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