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Peony – Romania’s National Flower?

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The Bucharest Faculty of Horticulture has launched an online petition supporting the bill designating the peony as Romania’s National Flower and Floral Symbol. The concept is not new, but similar initiatives have failed in the past.

According to Valahia News, the Bucharest Faculty of Horticulture recognizes that most countries have a national flower closely linked to the geographical, cultural, and economic space in state symbols such as flags, coats of arms, etc.

Examples include the tulip for the Netherlands, Turkey, and Hungary, the chrysanthemum for the Imperial Family of Japan, the rose for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Bulgaria, and so on. In Romania, the idea of ​​a national flower has been outlined since the reign of King Carol I, being made, over time, several proposals: rosehip, cornflower, peony (…) But none has been legislated, so so that our country is today in the situation of not having a national flower.

The initiators of the petition
Photo source: REZERVATIA NATURALA – Bujorul de Stepa – Zau De Campie Facebook Page

The peony includes all five species that grow spontaneously on the Romanian territory from Banat to Dobrogea and Oltenia to Transylvania and Moldova: Paeonia peregrina, Paeonia tenuifolia, Paeonia triternata, Paeonia mascula, Paeonia officinalis, ssp. Banatica and three cultivated species: Paeonia officinalis, Paeonia lactyflora, Paeonia suffruticosa.

Reasons why peony should become Romania’s national flower

Photo source: REZERVATIA NATURALA – Bujorul de Stepa – Zau De Campie Facebook Page

According to Ziare.com, there are solid arguments why the peony should be the national flower of Romania. Here is the top ten reasons why:

1. Five species of a peony grow spontaneously in Romania in nature reserves protected by law, having a great biological and ornamental potential;

2. In addition to spontaneous species, in the country, there are 3 cultivated species with over 100 varieties;

3. In several regions of the country, peony holidays and festivals are organized annually in May;

4. Peony plants have great decorative potential, being indispensable in parks, private and public gardens;

5. The peony is specially cultivated for use in bouquets and floral arrangements.

6. Because of its high ecological adaptability, the peony can be grown almost anywhere in the country, from the plains to the mountains.

7. Peony flowers are very popular throughout the country, serving as inspiration for Romanian folklore, music, literature, and art.

8. Peony is the first or last name of over 100,000 Romanians.

9. The peony flower is often associated with health and physical and spiritual beauty in popular consciousness.

10. Peony has been valued as a plant with therapeutic properties in Romanian folk medicine since ancient times.

Should the peony become the national flower of Romania, given what has been said before? Although a less popular flower internationally, the peony symbol may represent the Romanian people through its beauty and its significance. If you think that the peony does not represent Romania, which flower do you think would fit better?

Photo source: REZERVATIA NATURALA – Bujorul de Stepa – Zau De Campie Facebook Page



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