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Meme Website Bemorepanda Dedicates a Special Section for Funny Facts

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Bemorepanda is a meme and funny facts platform that conquered people’s hearts worldwide with funny memes from different categories such as animals, babies, sport, facts, food, celebrity, or politics. The website is split into a funny part and a commercial one from where you can buy items for your kitchen, bedroom, or games.

Now, the meme platform also hosts a dedicated section to funny facts about animals, celebrities or other things that are entertaining to read. Here you can read about famous people’s weird or unusual habits or some mind-blowing facts about our beloved actors, singers, or models.

People love to see a good meme, and almost everyone heard or seen a meme at least once. Memes are popular funny pictures about a person, a situation, an event, or short videos that took over the internet. Memes are contagious, and once you share one on your Instagram or Facebook profile, you share cultural knowledge. One exciting aspect of this media is that it brings positivity to ordinary people (or members, as they are known). These members are primarily trying to make a viral meme. They explore other perspectives and unintentionally bring forth positivity. Memes are a source of humour, and we can’t get enough of them. A good meme can make you laugh contagiously, no matter the circumstances.

Apart from being a meme platform, Bemorepanda is also a platform for funny facts about cats, dogs, people, celebrities or various habits.

Bemorepanda – Funny facts about celebrities

Bemorepanda doesn’t miss a beat and comes up with the best memes about the stars. Sit tight, enjoy these funny memes, and get ready for one big round of laughter.

On Bemorepanda, one can read fun facts about celebrities, such as Katy Perry. The famous singer may be the winner of a weird hobby. She revealed that she enjoys collecting hair from other stars. Katy Perry said she has hair from Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

Next, we have the Chihuahuas of Paris Hilton, which seem to have a better life than more of us. Paris built her dogs a 300-square foot „doggy house” in her backyard. It has heating and air conditioning, and she decorated it with designer furniture, pink walls, and a chandelier. The two-story home also has a balcony, an enclosed yard and a garage for dogs who want to be outside. She said that her dog home was a „lovely place”. That’s something we would die to have.

Ashton Kutcher is afflicted with a condition known as syndactyly or webbed toes. In 2008, the actor displayed his connected toes on a British talk show. He joked that „when everything else is so good-looking, there has to be something.”

The list of fun facts about celebrities continues with Rebel Wilson. Although some actors are born to act on the stage or in movies, and others do not, it took getting malaria for Rebel Wilson’s realise that she wanted to become an actress. Wilson claims that she experienced a hallucination while on a trip to South Africa. This was likely due to the medication she was taking for malaria. She decided to make the hallucination a reality by pursuing a career in filmmaking.

Bemorepanda – Funny facts about animals

Also, on Bemorepanda, you can see some funny facts about animals that make your day.

Did you know that chimpanzees enjoy getting tipsy? Chimpanzees enjoy getting drunk, just like humans. Researchers have found an evolutionary link between human consumption of alcohol and chimps seeking naturally fermented alcohol over the years. This is called the „Drunken Monkey Hypothesis”. These intelligent wild monkeys have been climbing the raffia palm tree in Guinea to steal the alcohol sap from humans. This fermented Palm Sap has a 3 per cent alcohol content, equivalent to a small beer.

Another fun fact about animals is that Young elephants can also self-soothe, just like humans. Babies use pacifiers or thumb-sucking, while infant elephants use their trunks to comfort themselves. It is one of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see.

Animals can be hilarious, and on Bemorepanda, you will find a lot of content with them.

About Bemorepanda

Bemorepanda is a meme platform that conquered people’s hearts worldwide with funny facts from different categories such as animals, babies, sport, food, celebrity, or politics.

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