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Romanians Everywhere Day

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Romanians Everywhere Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May. It represents a special day because its spiritual significance of reaffirming the Romanian people’s roots and Christian traditions is combined and completed with the identity dimension of the Romanian nation.

Romanian President Klaus Johannis transmitted a message on Romanians Everywhere Day, encouraging Romanians to return to the country:

I know that, despite the tense international situation, many of you are thinking of returning to Romania, encouraged by our country’s potential for growth.

Klaus Johannis, Romanian President

The President evoked the thought spirit of Romanians even in dark times. After a devastating pandemic, a war was unleashed near Romania’s borders, and Romanians have attempted to seize the moment and set an example of solidarity for the entire world.

We are united by a strong identity and belonging to a nation that, throughout the ages, has endured with dignity over all the steps of history. 

Klaus Johannis, Romanian President

Klaus Iohannis emphasizes that Romania’s humanitarian effort and unprecedented participation of our citizens in the crisis of Ukrainian refugees were appreciated by the entire world, which noted Romanian generosity and hospitality.

Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca also sent a message to all Romanians, encouraging Romanians abroad to return to the country:

We have capable and talented Romanians, both in the country and spread all over the world. Those who want to support our effort to develop Romania with their experience and skills are welcome to return home, and for this we have already adopted measures to motivate them and provide them with an attractive economic and social environment.

Nicoale Ciuca, Romanian Prime Minister
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