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Bucharest to Host Romanian Jewelry Week 2022

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The new edition of Romanian Jewelry Week comes to delight jewelry enthusiasts with unique creations and new trends in the jewelry world.

Romanian Jewelry Week 2022 will showcase 190 modern jewelry designers, nine group shows, and six cultural venues in Bucharest.

The 5th through the 9th of October will be Romanian Jewelry Week 3.0, featuring hundreds of pieces of modern jewelry from over 190 Romanian and foreign designers, as well as exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and fairs.

Photo source: Romanian Jewelry Week 2022

According to Valahia News, Romanian Jewelry Week allows jewelry lovers to purchase their favourite items at the National Library of Romania’s Jewelry Fair 2022 on the 8th and 9th of October. Moreover, the events gives Romanian designers the chance to exhibit their creations alongside some of the best jewelry designers worldwide.

On October 5th at 3 PM, the National Library of Romania will host the official opening of the main exhibition, which will feature artwork from 190 designers, schools, associations, and collectives from over 30 nations, including Romania, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Germany, Hungary, France, Great Britain, Italy, Holland, Greece, Austria, Republic of Moldova, Israel, China, Iran, Mongolia, South Korea, and many others.

The exhibition will be completed by nine exhibition shows from other European jewelry weeks, including the Bruxelles Jewelry Week, Budapest Jewelry Week, Milano Jewelry Week, and Legnica Silver Festival. There will also be winners from the Global Design Graduate Show 2021, an international competition held in conjunction with Gucci for recent graduates of art schools worldwide. The metal sculptor Misha Diaconu, who addresses the issue of femininity in a precarious international setting in five of her works on display, and the designer Andrei Berindan have been asked by Romanian Jewelry Week to round off the exhibition.

This year’s theme of Romanian Jewelry Week 2022 at the National Library of Romanis focuses on the war in Ukraine. The video festival emphasizes gender, social norms, environmental degradation, tradition and the future, as well as femininity, feminism, femininity, and femininity.

Romanian Jewelry Week 3.0 takes a tour of contemporary jewelry in 6 cultural locations in Bucharest: the National Library of Romania – the central exhibition, the National History Museum of Romania – Contemporary jewelry workshop with David Sandu and capsule exhibition, the National Museum Cotroceni– Legnica Silver Festival (Poland) and Budapest Jewelry Week, the Galateca Gallery – the exhibition Jewelry design by Ukraine and Inskspective by Ioana Halunga, AlbAlb – Romanian Jewelry Focus, Dizainăr – Jewelry Showcase.

Photo source: Romanian Jewelry Week 2022

The official schedule of the ROMANIAN JEWELRY WEEK 2022

  1. National Library of Romania – Main location of the Romanian Jewelry Week
    The National Library of Romania will host the Romanian Jewelry Week central exhibition starting October 5, 2022, as well as a special fair section with a sale between the 8th and 9th of October 2022, with over 190 designers and over 1,500 contemporary jewelry exhibits. Visiting schedule – 5th of October between the hours of 3pm – 8pm, 6th-9th of October between the hours of 11am- 8pm

Special events:

5th of October – 6pm – 8pm – Meet and Greet the curator & artists.

5th of October– 6.30pm – 7.15pm – Live conference with Ariel Lavian – Founder of Israel Jewelry Biennale (Mircea Vulcănescu conference room)

6th of October – 6pm – 8pm – Online conference with Charon Kransen (Charon Kransen Art Gallery New York) and Izabella Petruț & Veronika Schwarzinger (Gallery V&V Viena) – Mircea Vulcănescu conference room

7th of October – 6pm – 8pm – Live conference with Les Brucelles (Brussels Jewelry Week organizers) and online forum with Katie Dominy (Arts Thread & Global Design Graduate Show) and Anna Wojcik-Korbas (Legnica Silver Festival)

8th of October – 11am – 8pm – the first day of the Romanian Jewelry Week contemporary jewelry fair. From 6pm – SMCK on Reel projection, the first international video festival inspired by jewelry.

9th of October 11am – 8pm – the second day of the Romanian Jewelry Week contemporary jewelry fair. From 5pm the awarding ceremony will take place, and from 6pm, the second screening of the international video festival SMCK on Reel.

Entry tickets for the contemporary jewelry fair on October 8th and 9th are available on the Iabilet.ro network – https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-romanian-jewelry-week-2022-78170/

  1. The National History Museum of Romania
    The National History Museum of Romania organizes, in collaboration with Assamblage a series of unique activities during Romanian Jewelry Week – a capsule exhibition of contemporary jewelry Corina Cubici and Ana Fanigina, a demonstration workshop on polishing and faceting semi-precious stones and a guided tour of the permanent collection of the Historical Treasury. Visiting hours: 5 – 9 October, 10am – 6pm

Special event: October 7, from 3pm. – Demonstration workshop of polishing and semi-precious faceting stones held by David Sandu, founder of Assamblage The Institute of Art and Design. Capsule exhibition Corina Cubici and Anna Fanigina. Historical Treasury guided tour.

Access is based on the prior purchase of the general museum access ticket available online here- https://mnir.booktes.com

  1. National Museum Cotroceni
    The Cotroceni National Museum is organizing, in collaboration with Romanian Jewelry Week, a unique selection of two landmark events on the European map of contemporary jewelry – Legnica Silver Festival (Poland) and Budapest Jewelry Week.

Visiting hours – 5 – 9 October – 9am – 5pm. Access is based on the visiting rules –https://www.muzeulcotroceni.ro/viziteaza/vizitare.html

  1. Galateca Gallery
    Between the 5th and 8th of October, Galateca Gallery will host, within Romanian Jewelry Week, a curatorial selection of contemporary Ukrainian jewelry designers, and starting October 7, the Inskspective exhibition by Ioana Halunga.

Visiting hours: 5 – 7 October – 12pm – 8pm, October 8- 11am – 7pm

Special programme: October 7, at 7pm – the opening of the Inskspective exhibition by Ioana Halunga.

  1. AlbAlb – Romanian Jewelry Focus
    AlbAlb was born from the passion for art and design and the desire to bring the creations of Romanian designers and artists closer to the public, which appreciates beauty and creativity. As part of Romanian Jewelry Week 2022, AlbAlb proposes four special events dedicated to Romanian jewelry design. – Str. Lt. Av. Șerban Petrescu nr. 1, București

6 October – 11am – 6pm | A bigger splash – launch of the latest Monom collection.

7 October – 11am – 6pm | Always remarkable -the launch of a new porcelain earrings collection by Diana Cojocaru

8 October – 11am – 6pm | Flora in porcelain – new porcelain sculptural jewelry pieces by Daniela Cățoi

9 October 11am – 6pm | A pearly situation – launching of the new pearl jewelry collection by Atelier Devi

Str. Lt. Av. Șerban Petrescu nr. 1, București

  1. Dizainăr – Jewelry Showcase
    At Dizainăr showroom and on dizainar.com you will discover more than 600 special objects for home and soul, from furniture, lighting fixtures, kitchen items, watches, and graphics, to personal accessories, decorations, toys and jewelry, created by Romanians designers and produced locally in small series. The jewelry, made in various styles and techniques, is designed by: Maria Paltin, monom, i{n}stance jewellery, Catrinel Săbăciag, Ceramic Sparrow, Karakter Studio, tactil util, Ana Mihanta, Alina Ceramics.

Visiting hours – 6 – 8 of October 2022, between 12pm and 7pm @ Dizainăr showroom, Str. Puțul cu Plopi nr.17, zona Cișmigiu

  1. Kraft Market
    On 5 October, 8PM – 10PM – Opening Party of Romanian Jewelry Week. Matei Milo nr. 8/10 Street, Bucharest. A newly opened place in the heart of Bucharest, with a special focus on design and local talents and a space where craft meets the community.
  2. Acuarela Bistro
    On 9 October 8.30pm – 10.30am – Closing Party of Romanian Jewelry Week. Str. Polonă nr 40. small bistro for the Bucharest artist community, a creative hub and a warm host of cultural events.

About Romanian Jewelry Week 2022

Photo source: Romanian Jewelry Week 2022

Romanian Jewelry Week 2022 is organized by Assamblage – the National Association of Authors and Designers of Contemporary Jewelry, with the support of the National Library of Romania and supported by EUROINS and Banca Transilvania.

Kaustik signs the exhibition design.

Cultural partners – National History Museum of Romania, Cotroceni National Museum, AlbAlb, Dizainăr, Galateca, Acuarela, Imbold Arts, The Station, SMCK on Reel, Kulterra, Kraft Market.

Media partners – Radio Guerilla, Elle, Aici a Stat, Cover Stories, Curatorialist, Designist.ro, Dreamingof.net, Feeder.ro, Festivalier, Igloo, IQAds, Lost in Jewelry Magazine, Femeia, Modernism.ro, Revista Atelierul, The Institutes, Zeppelin, Days and Nights.

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