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Hammond Partnership Law Firm Successfully Assists Eminus Software Acquisition by Fortech

Hammond Partnership assisted the shareholders of Eminus Software in entering into a definitive Agreement with Fortech, a Global Logic Company, to acquire the business of Eminus Software, a Romania-based software solutions provider specializing in cloud migration and digital transformation. The lawyers from Hammond Partnership consisted of Nicholas Hammond – Partner, and Narcis Bogoiu – Managing Associate.

Hammond Partnership is a Romanian full-service commercial law firm based in Bucharest with a team of lawyers with decades of experience.  The Firm was established in Romania in 2004 and has since provided to a range of clients, both large and small, and individuals doing business in Romania.  With partners who focus on Romania from both the common law and civil law background, they are uniquely placed to provide the legal advice necessary.

Fortech, a GlobalLogic Company and one of Romania’s top software engineering service providers, acquired the business of Eminus Software, a Romania-based software solutions provider specializing in cloud migration and digital transformation. This acquisition further strengthens Fortech’s position in the market and becomes a growth vector of core digital engineering talent within GlobalLogic’s Central Eastern Europe region.

Cloud computing has emerged as a pivotal enabler of digital transformation, providing scalable and cost-effective solutions that empower companies to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and unlock new growth opportunities. Based in Bucharest, Romania, Eminus Software is a highly reputable provider of .NET, Angular, React, and Azure Services, with substantial experience in cloud migration and digital transformation projects. Their focus on Microsoft technologies, particularly .NET Core and Azure, positions them as valuable partners in assisting their customers’ objective of transferring their technology to the cloud.

Through this acquisition, Fortech is further augmenting its service portfolio with the technical expertise and capabilities of Eminus Software and boosting its depth and ability to scale to meet ongoing and future client demand. Fortech is committed to delivering the highest-quality software services. Adding Eminus will enable it to continue its leadership position while creating client value.

Driven by a shared dedication to innovate, sustain, and seamlessly transition essential business systems software, the Eminus team is enthusiastic about synergizing within the exceptional realm of Fortech—an esteemed member of the GlobalLogic family, bolstered by the Hitachi legacy. This collaboration holds the promise of an amplified customer experience through the unified strength of our triumvirate.

Mark Storey-Smith, Eminus Software’s Managing Director

Romanian Adrian Stoica Wins America Got Talent 2023

Romanian Adrian Stoica wins America Got Talent – AGT 2023. He also won USD 1 million in prizes, Valahia News reports.

Adrian Stoica performed the same act he did in Romania Got Talent. He came with his border collie named Hurricane, and the dog did most of the magic. The show is incredible, and for those of you who haven’t seen it already, here’s the whole act.

Adrian Stoica and Hurricane in the AGT 2023 Finals

Adrian Stoica even involved Sofia Vergara, one of the judges, in the act, as he invited her on stage, which impressed her. The other judges were also impressed, congratulating Andrei for his dog act.

We see many people come up and show us a dog act but rarely see a dog come up and show us a man act.

Howie Mandel, AGT 2023 judge

Also, Heidi Klum praised Hurricane.

Hurricane is the smartest dog I’ve ever seen, the whole thing was adorable. Thank you so much, you were so amazing this season!

Heidi Klum, AGT 2023 judge

And Simon talked business when he mentioned that Hurricane is better than any other dogs in the movies and that she should be in the movies.

It was like the dog was acting and performing. We watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua last night and Hurricane is better than any of the dogs in that movie, so she should be in the movie or a musical because she’s a star.

Simon Cowell, AGT 2023 judge

Here is the moment when the host announced the winner:

AGT 2023 Finals – Winner Announcement

The winner of the AGT 2023 was somehow unexpected to some and came as a surprise, but all agreed that the dog acted and performed like an actor, not a trained dog.

Adrian Stoica performed in Romania Got Talent one year ago but didn’t impress the audience or make it to the finals.

Picasso Exhibition in Bucharest


The „Picasso Effect” Exhibition can be visited between September 27, 2023, and January 8, 2024, at MARe/Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest. 46 works (paintings, drawings, engravings) signed by Pablo Picasso are placed face to face with 65 works (paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, graffiti) signed by 37 contemporary Romanian artists, influenced by the work of the most important figure of modern art, Visit Bucharest announces.

Among the Romanian artists exhibited are Ion Grigorescu, Mircea Cantor, Ștefan Bertalan, Alma Redlinger, Neculai Păduraru, Vasile Gorduz, Florin Mitroi, Victor Man, Silvia Radu, Dumitru Gorzo.
The 46 works wandered along beaten paths, from the Musée National Picasso-Paris to Bucharest, for three days and three nights – like a noble wedding.

In the year that marks half a century since Picasso’s physical disappearance, eight countries worldwide, including Romania, celebrate this anniversary through thematic exhibitions. Romania does this at MARe – Museum of Recent Art. Tickets are on sale and can be purchased on the mare.ro website.

Picasso painting exhibited at the Picasso Effect Exhibition in Bucharest

The „Picasso Effect” is one of the most impressive exhibitions in Eastern Europe and certainly the most important in Romania – among the eight countries participating in the Célébration Picasso: 1973-2023 program.

The event is organized in partnership with the Musée National Picasso-Paris. It celebrates 50 years since the death of Pablo Picasso through a program that includes 42 other museums worldwide. Romania is the only country in Central and Eastern Europe included in the large project launched by France and Spain.

iMapp 2023: Videomapping on Palace of Parliament in Bucharest

iMapp Bucharest is an international video mapping competition held in Bucharest, Romania. Artists and technology enthusiasts gather to transform the Palace of the Parliament‘s facade into a vibrant canvas.

Through video projections, 3D animations, and sound, the event showcases captivating narratives that engage the senses. Bucharest City Hall organizes the event with the help of The Center for Creation, Art and Tradition of the Municipality of Bucharest (CREART).

The inaugural edition of iMapp Bucharest took place in 2014, marking a new era in Romania’s visual arts scene. Since then, the event has grown exponentially, becoming one of the world’s most significant video mapping competitions.

Past winners have set a high standard, displaying innovative works that merge art with cutting-edge technology. Themes have ranged from historical celebrations to futuristic visions, always captivating the audience with a breathtaking visual spectacle.

iMapp Bucharest 2023: What’s New?

imapp bucharest event cover

iMapp Bucharest promises to be bigger and better this year, with more artists and awe-inspiring displays. Here is what you can expect:

  1. International Talents Artists from over 20 countries will compete, making this year’s event more diverse and inclusive.
  2. Innovative Themes: The 2023 edition will explore new themes, taking viewers on a visual journey like never before. The contest theme is CONTRASTS and will be creatively explored by the artists.
    The contradictions you will see reflect our diverse and deeply human experiences daily. The differences we notice, like past-present, good-bad, and light-dark, hint at how important it is to find balance in natural and emotional ways.
  3. Sustainable Practices: In alignment with global trends, the event will incorporate eco-friendly practices, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

The public will admire the 3D works of some of the most valuable artistic teams in the world, winners of iMapp Bucharest partner festivals. These are Video Mapping Festival Lille from France, Genius Loci Weimar Festival (Germany), CosmoLights Projections Mapping (Greece), Zsolnay Light Festival (Hungary), and 1Minute Projection Mapping Competition (Japan).

If you plan to attend the iMapp Bucharest – Winners League, you must know that entry is free. Saturday, September 23, the capital of Romania, is going to light!

Romania Includes Artificial Intelligence as Discipline in University Degree Programs

The Romanian Government approved several new specializations and university degree programs, including Cybernetic Security and Artificial Intelligence.

Romanian companies started developing lots of software programs which integrate AI.

On the other hand, there is also the concern about how AI will interfere with our lives in terms of developing artificial intelligence responsibly. Initiatives, such as AI4RO, aim at regulating this field, which could bring chaos if not properly handled. From this perspective, teaching students what responsibility means in cybersecurity and AI development is an excellent opportunity.

Several undergraduate specializations/programs are being established, such as Cyber Security – within the Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies undergraduate field, Artificial Intelligence within the Informatics undergraduate field.

The Government’s decision will attract thousands of students to these new specialties. Also, Romanian companies can hire specialized employees and develop their internal teams to deal with cybersecurity and AI development.

Romania Has More Casinos than Pharmacies and Schools

A thorough analysis of e-Context.ro, cited by Valahia News, shows there are more casinos than pharmacies and schools combined in Romania! This is because there are more than 15,000 brick-and-mortar casinos and gambling houses, while there are only 7,000 schools and 8,000 pharmacies. Not even that, but in Romania, there are only 4,000 brick-and-mortar banking units.

Does the name Andrew Tate ring a bell? Tate brothers accumulated their fortune in Romania primarily by becoming franchisors of one of the famous casino chains. One should go to either Vegas or Bucharest to succeed in the casino industry, and the Tates chose Bucharest casinos.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INS) data, our country has over 15,000 offline betting agencies. Practically, no city or town does not have at least one betting agency. The largest betting agency, according to the number of open units, is TotalBet, which has over 1900 agencies. But most are in small towns and villages, only 38 being opened in the Capital, this agency focusing mainly on the rural environment.

The second position at this top is occupied by Superbet, which has about 1000 agencies open in all big cities. According to turnover, this is the most significant betting agency in Romania.

Econtext study on casinos in Romania

Romania has an even more developed market for online casinos, making the industry even more prominent. Even so, there is one brick-and-mortar casino for every 400 Romanian men, which makes the country one of the casinos heaven in the world.

Romanian Tennis Player Sorana Carstea Replies to Critics: My Post Has a Positive Message


Sorana Carstea is accused of transphobia after she posted this message on Instastory: Make Men Masculine Again. Make Women Feminine Again. Make Children Innocent Again.

Sorana Carstea controversial message

Otherwise entirely innocent, this message has been interpreted by progressists and LGBTQ activists as transphobic.

Sorana Carstea replied for Eurosport, explaining what was behind this message:

It was a message that came after I arrived at Wimbledon, and it was a positive message. Yesterday I saw the Princess of Wales, Kate. I was highly impressed by her elegance, the elegance of the ladies here, how nicely the men are dressed, all in suits and ties, and how much discipline in the children, what innocence. It all came from my admiration of mine for this tournament and all the beautiful things I’ve seen here that this tournament has.
It was a positive message that, in general, today could be interpreted any way, but the message was a positive one, related to the elegance of this tournament. I smile when I see how beautiful the world in the stands, how beautiful they are, the spectators here and how much class there is in this tournament. Hence the inspiration for this post. So the idea behind this post was a very positive one.

Sorana Carstea explains her post after being accuses of transphobia

So, we have to admit that the critics are utterly exaggerated. If one cannot urge women to be feminine and men masculine, all the values that the leftists promote, including the freedom of speech and the freedom to all people, disregard their opinion, is fake.

People should be allowed to express their opinion, no matter what. This is what freedom of speech means. Apart from that, one contrary opinion to the other, even to the majority, doesn’t mean that opinion is right or wrong – it is just an opinion. Sorana Carstea should be left alone to express her opinions and ideas like anyone else.

This doesn’t mean that Sorana is transphobic or that Romanians are homophobic. It means just one thing: Romanian people want to have the right to express their views. This means freedom of speech. This differentiates democracy from communism, which crippled Romania for 45 years until the so-called Revolution in 1989.

Maybe the Western and the local critics yearn for the return of communism in Europe. This might be a reality someday, as this is where all this progressivism heads to. But, until then, people must have the right to express their ideas. This is the basis of any democracy in the world, and last time Sorana checked, she understood she lived in a democratic Romania and a democratic European Union.

Knowledge: Language of the Eyes

Just like in a poker match, many times in a negotiation, it is helpful to perceive the thoughts and feelings of the other negotiator; you don’t have to be a telepath or a mentalist; it’s enough to start by knowing the language of the body and the language of the eyes. Today about the language of the eyes…

The language of the eyes

Without going too much into anatomy-related matters, we will say that how we think is transposed into how we move our eyes. If we are lying or if we are telling the truth – a connoisseur of eye language will „read” you immediately; it has nothing to do with anything other than how each half of the cerebral hemisphere is assigned the opposite half of the body and with the fact that the left hemisphere, which controls the right side of the body, is „responsible” for analytical processes. In contrast, the right side is „responsible” for intuitive processes. Let’s go directly to the topic: look at the image below – it hugely explains what it means to translate the language of the eyes.

Different eyes positions and their interpretation

Language of the eyes

The interlocutor’s eyes look to your right, up (his left, up)
The interlocutor’s gaze towards your right side, above, mainly involves visual memories; it assumes that the interlocutor is trying to remember, not to build a new image with which to mislead you. It is usually a sign that this is well-intentioned, but check your interlocutor with additional questions.

The interlocutor’s eyes look to your right, sideways (his left, sideways)
Looking to your right, to the side (to the left of your interlocutor), assumes that he is trying to remember sounds – a melody, a voice, a noise. So, if you ask him – „and what sound did you hear when you opened the door?” and he looks to your right, sideways (his left), then it means he is trying to remember and is sincere in his attempt. If he wanted to mislead you, he would have looked elsewhere, as we will see.

The interlocutor’s eyes are looking down to your right (his left, down)
In this case, it means that the interlocutor is thinking – it is a typical position of the gaze for those who are thinking about the solution to a problem, about a question. It is both an inner dialogue, a struggle to find a soutie, but also an attempt to identify in memory ways to solve a situation.

The interlocutor’s eyes look down

This position of the gaze indicates that the interlocutor remembers a taste – bitter, sour, sweet. If you are a reader, ask your friend ”how you liked the cake?”. And he looked down and said sweet, then it was sweet. If he looks to the upper left – his right (as we will see), it means that he is trying to hide the authentic taste of the cake (which he didn’t necessarily like), and even if he says that it was sweet, you will know that he didn’t think so.

The interlocutor’s eyes look towards your lower left (his right, lower)

In this case, the interlocutor builds sensations and feelings in his mind – love, fear, shame, guilt, pleasure, etc. The feeling cannot be identified as such only by the direction of the gaze. Still, this information must be correlated with others, such as the color of the cheeks, nervous tics, sweating, the position of the hands, etc., but about micro-mimicry in a future article.

The interlocutor’s eyes look towards your left side (his right side)

In this case, the interlocutor constructs or imagines sounds – he tries to figure out what a song would sound like, a voice he has never heard before. It does not require remembering – so if you ask the interlocutor, let’s say a witness to an incident, what sound did he hear when the suspect left the room and he looked to your left side (his right), then it means that he is trying to lie and „make up” the sound in the mind, not reproduce it.

The interlocutor’s eyes look to your left, up (his right, up)

If he looks to your upper left (his right), he imagines something that looks different from reality or he improvises, like when we lie; for example, when he tries to tell a lie, hide a truth, and try to imagine what to say so as not to give a clue. However, do not be misled by the normal processes that involve imagination – for example, if you ask the interlocutor how he imagines the collaboration or the completion of the contract, he usually reacts by looking to his upper right.

So, your upper left (his right) implies a visual construction, it means that the interlocutor is using imagination, but imagination does not always mean a lie, as we have seen. That’s why we have to be careful about which verification questions we ask so as not to misinterpret the genuine intention of the interlocutor to activate his imagination.

Interlocutory eyes – the cutter looks directly at you

When the interlocutor looks directly at you, there are several options – the first tells us that he is sincere because he does not look away from us and is attentive to what we tell him. However, the absence of common tics, such as looking in a specific direction when we ask him to remember something, can signal to us the interlocutor’s intention to avoid being „read,” He then forces himself to follow us by looking straight into our eyes.

These elements are the basic ones. It usually works because you rarely meet interlocutors who have perfected themselves in hiding these involuntary tics (we don’t know any). However, this information received through direct observation must be correlated with other information we obtain through verification or additional questions.

Knowing the language of the eyes, you can „read” the interlocutor, obtaining information about his true intentions, and you can, in turn, control yourself so that you are not „read” by the interlocutor. This technique allows you to negotiate better and more efficiently, providing you with information that not many people have at hand.

Romania Celebrates National Flag Day: June 26


Each year, on June 26, Romania celebrates their National Flag Day. The military ceremonies are the main attraction of this day for locals and tourists alike, but all that matters the most is the people’s feeling for the flag’s colours.

Romanian National Flag is blue, yellow, and red, displayed vertically. There were times when the flag’s colours were displayed horizontally, but the final display was adopted and maintained to this day.

As we see it now with these colours, the flag dates back to 1848. Yet, it suffered some modifications over time. The most recent one was in December 1989, when, during the Romanian Revolution, the socialist coat of arms was removed from the flag. A hole in the flag was one of the symbols of the Romanian Revolution.

Romanian Flag vs Chad Flag
Romania’s and Chad’s flags

Some criticize this approach, with no coat of arms on the flag, as the Romanian flag is easily confused with the flag of Chad. Moreover, the Moldovan flag, Romania’s sister country, is identical, except for the coat of arms used on the Moldovan flag.

Criticized or not, the Romanian flag is loved by all those who feel and live Romanian. This day, June 26, is another opportunity to celebrate it again.

Euro 2024 Qualifiers: Romania Draws in Kosovo, Remains Second in Group I


On June 16, Romania plays at Pristina with Kosovo to a scoreless draw and maintains second place in Group I.

After two days of rain, the game was played in Pristina on a difficult field. The game will begin much later than the planned hour once the referees have tested the field.

After VAR proved to the referee that one of the Kosovar players was offside upon receiving the ball, Kosovo had a goal disallowed. Despite numerous scoring chances for both teams, the score remained 0-0.

Towards the end of the game, something happened. The Kosovar government deemed the chant „Kosovo je Serbia” insulting. Therefore, authorities ordered the Romanian fans to leave the stands. One of the European nations that does not accept Kosovo is Romania.

On Monday, June 19, at 20.45 local time, Switzerland travels to face Romania in the next match.

The top two teams from each group go to the championship game, and Romania has an excellent chance to finish this season in one of the qualifying spots.